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Unlock the power of your mind

Rewire Your Mindset

Live a calmer, happier, and more confident life!

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Break Free from Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Doubt:

Elevate Your Life with Targeted Therapeutic Solutions.

  • Rapid Relief through an Innovative Neurobiological Approach 
  • Rewire Your Mindset in Just 1-3 Sessions 

Unlock the power of your mind

Rewire Your Mindset

Live a calmer, happier, and more confident life!


Break Free from Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Doubt:

Elevate Your Life with Targeted Therapeutic Solutions

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Empower Your Tomorrow: Nothing Changes If We Don't Change!

Ever pause to envision your life a year from now? Picture this: without taking steps to transform your journey, you might find yourself caught in a loop—a year marked by elusive joy, lingering anxiety, and dreams left unfulfilled.

Consider the cost of inaction: The pursuit of happiness could remain just out of reach as self-doubt and stress persist. Left unaddressed, these challenges could weave into the fabric of your life, impacting your well-being, relationships, and your ability to embrace your unique worth.

What's on the line? More than a missed opportunity—it's the potential for an ongoing struggle, a strained connection with yourself and those around you. By choosing not to take action, you risk the perpetuation of obstacles that could impact various facets of your life.

Ready to shape a different tomorrow? The choice to act today is the first step towards a future defined by confidence, self-love, and thriving relationships. Let's embark on this journey of transformation together.


Greetings, I am Lilia - Your Catalyst for Transformation!

 Amidst the challenges of self-doubt and unrealized dreams, my personal journey during the pandemic led me to a profound truth: life lacked authenticity. Wrestling with anxiety and navigating elusive boundaries, I embraced change as the catalyst for a transformative journey.

As a seasoned Mindset Coach and Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, I specialize in empowering individuals to conquer mental and emotional barriers hindering their true desires. My unique blend of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and coaching sparks remarkable breakthroughs, often achieved in just a single session.

Imagine unlocking your internal superpowers, gaining clarity, and realizing your deepest desires. That's precisely what I offer. With a direct yet compassionate approach, I understand your struggles and am dedicated to ensuring you achieve the results you crave.

Ready to embark on a journey of unprecedented transformation? Let's collaborate and rewrite the script of your life at Lilia Tome Hypnotherapy. 

Your destination: Clarity, Confidence, and a Future Defined by You!

Embark on a journey with me, and experience a profound shift in your life.

Discover the Remarkable Benefits Awaiting You!


Experience swift and lasting changes through a neurobiological approach and a unique blend of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and coaching. Achieve breakthroughs often in just one to three sessions, unlocking your internal superpowers and paving the way for a mindset shift.


Develop a deep sense of confidence and self-love. Overcome self-doubt and embrace your unique worth, allowing you to navigate life with authenticity and clarity. Through personalized sessions, discover the tools and mindset necessary to foster a genuine appreciation for yourself and your capabilities.


Gain clarity about your goals and desires, providing a roadmap for your journey ahead. Identify and overcome mental and emotional barriers hindering your true desires. With a direct yet compassionate approach, embark on a journey of self-discovery, enabling you to rewrite the script of your life and define a future that aligns with your authentic self.


Hear what people are saying...

Liberating My Potential: a Rapid Transformation with Lilia


"I have successfully achieved a profound transformation because of Lilia's Rapid Transformational work. Before working with Lilia, I felt something holding me back, a weight on my shoulders, and underlying fears keeping me in the shadows.

Now, I'm more enthusiastic, open, and authentically connected with others. Lilia's RTT + coaching style is truly powerful. The path to freedom with Lilia is so easy; I recommend it to anyone struggling with low self-esteem and confidence"

Laura T.
Miami, Florida

Transformative Empowerment: Peter's Hypnotherapy Journey with Lilia Tomé


"Hypnotherapy with Dr. Lilia Tomé was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and I suggest it for anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves.

I didn’t know what to expect going in, and so I just allowed myself to be open to the process. A few things to note: (1) Lilia’s personality is so warm and inviting that you want to tell her all about yourself anyway; (2) she offers personal anecdotes that endear her, and the process itself, to you; and (3) she makes clear that whatever you experience is valid and real and your truth, no matter how outlandish it may seem (whatever “it” is).

She explains every step and applies it to your life. Her listening and application skills are out of this world, and she really forces you to dig deep and determine what it is you’re seeking.

I went in thinking one thing, and she refined my question in such a nuanced, careful, and expert manner that I felt even more trustful of her guidance. I walked into the therapy one person, and walked out someone more open, more evolved, more understanding, and more understood.

This experience was truly life-changing, and I couldn’t recommend Dr. Tomé more highly!"

Peter D.
Corporate Lawyer
Miami, FL"

The journey to ultimate freedom 

is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Unlock a complimentary in-depth consultation to uncover your desires and identify the areas where you might be facing challenges. 


Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, I help you to eradicate, release and reframe limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. 


Finally, incredibly empowering new beliefs are wired in – enabling you the healing and freedom to fulfil your potential and beyond. 

Ignite Your Inner Radiance: Unleash Confidence and Self-Love

Embark on a Journey of Transformation, Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt and Embrace the Power Within.

Step into a life where self-doubt fades, depression loses its grip, and addictions become a distant memory. Embrace a journey filled with confidence and self-love. This isn't just a transformation; it's a revolution of the soul. Say goodbye to the old narratives and hello to a future where you are the author of your story. It's time to rewrite, reignite, and reclaim your path.

Ready for a life defined by unwavering confidence and boundless self-love? Let's make it happen, together.

Embrace the journey of self discovery

Every moment is a step towards a brighter, more empowered you 

Seize the moment. Your journey begins with a single step. Take action today and redefine what's possible for your future self.