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My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, working with adults, teens and children with concerns relating to confidence, feeling not enough, self- esteem, relationships, exam success, memory, concentration, motivation, procrastination, public speaking, relaxation, guilt, anxiety, and depression 

I am trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner (RTT™)– an Internationally recognized and a highly acclaimed multi-award winning Hypnotherapy modality – transforming and healing your life permanently in as little as 1-3 months. 

I am available to work with children, teens and adults.  Sessions can be delivered in person or via ZOOM. I create custom-made packages for your specific needs 

Step into a fearless and abundant life!

In working with me you will overcome your pain, identify with clarity the issues you wish to change, and recognize what you need to do in order to turn up every day as the highest version of you experiencing the freedom, self-worth, connection, and love you deserve.


Confidence & Success for Children and Teens 

1 x Phenomenal RTT Session to stop unwanted behaviors / attitudes and lock-in positive new ones – 90 minutes 
1 x 20 min. personalized recording which the child or teen is encouraged to listen to every night for at least 21 days. This helps to ensure the new beliefs and desired behaviors are wired-in for ongoing success 
1 x Follow up session – 30 mins 
24/7 Email or text message support for 30 days

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Life Transformation package:

Are you ready for lasting change? I will help you to make it happen. 
Our Rapid Transformational Therapy will include: - 1 RTT session over Zoom or in person (2 hours) - 1 Personalized custom hypnosis recording - 30 days of email support - 30 minute follow up over Zoom after 21 day from 1st session. Book your first session here and let's get started on changing your life in the most wonderful way; from the inside out.

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Alfonso V. / Student / Madrid, Spain

 RTT with Lilia is the most effective and long-lasting help through therapy I have ever experienced. Lilia is warm and welcoming and at the same time highly professional.
I felt completely safe during the sessions and I am forever grateful for helping me get out of a deep depression I was in for many years.
I felt completely safe during the sessions and I am forever grateful for helping me get out of a deep depression. 

Tiffany A. /Lawyer /Chicago, Illinois


I Just wanted to say how amazing Lilia is, she has really changed my life. After many years of struggling with a terrible sugar addiction I had one session with Lilia and the cravings are gone!!!!

I love her and can highly recommend her for any issues you may have!

Patricia T. / Art Director / Buenos Aires, Argentina

My RTT experience with Lilia was really wonderful. I came out with a feeling of lightness and calm. I feel like my hard drive and software have been replaced or rewired. I am not longer having destructive feelings about myself.

Just a few months after my 3 sessions with Lilia I feel much more confident about my body, worthy of love and completely lovable... Infact, for the first time in my life I found the love I always dreamed of, I am in a healthy and loving relationship. I couldn't’ be happier!


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